Dog Walking

We are your partners in pet parenthood!

Auto Scheduled

Your dog will enjoy the same schedule every week for regular exercise and socialization.

Reserved Time Slot

Weekly walks are conveniently auto-scheduled. Nothing to remember – your dog is covered. 

Weedend Walks

Weekly dog walking clients enjoy priority scheduling for weekend walks and sleepovers.

Doggies Sleepovers

Enjoy priority booking for all in-home doggie sleepovers and holiday walking services to make travel easier. 

Keep Your Dog Active + Healthy

Weekly Dog Walking

We give busy professionals a loving, reliable team of dog walkers to ensure their dogs get the exercise and stimulation they need. Whether you’re working in the office or from home, you need to focus. Weekly dog walks are the solution!

The weekly schedule ensures your dog has the same walking schedule every week. Choose from 30 or 60 minute walks. We also offer puppy walks, that include two visits per day with potty training support and feeding.

Your dog has an entire team to provide support when things get hectic. Weekly dog walking clients can easily schedule additional walks on weekdays and receive priority scheduling for weekend walks and overnight, in-home dog sitting. 

We require a minimum of three walks per week to maintain a weekly schedule. If our existing weekly service options do not meet your needs, we are happy to create a custom plan.

30 Minute Walk


Per Walk
  • Free In-home Meet and Greet
  • 3 Walks Per Week Minimum
  • Additional dog +$5
  • M-F / 10am – 6pm
60 Minute Walk


Per Walk
  • Free In-home Meet and Greet
  • 3 Walks Per Week Minimum
  • Additional dog +$5
  • M-F / 10am – 6pm
Puppy Walks


Per Day
  • Free In-home Orientation
  • Two 30-Minute Visits 
  • 3 Days Per Week Minimum
  • M-F / 10am – 6pm
Walks With Frequency + Flexibility

Monthly Dog Walking Package

You need walks regularly but not every week. The monthly dog walking package meets the needs of nurses and doctors with differing schedules.  Anyone can take advantage of this flexible option. Our walking services are designed to maintain an ongoing relationship with your dog to give them consistent, quality care. Packages require a minimum of ten walks per month to ensure we have the necessary staff. We are happy to create a custom dog walking package to meet you and your dog’s specific needs. 

Package Details:

  • 10 Walk Package - 30 Minute Walks - 1 Dog - $180
  • 10 Walk Package - 30 Minute Walks - 2 Dogs - $210
  • 10 LONG Walk Package - 60 Minute Walks - 1 Dog - $300
  • 10 Long Walk Package - 60 Minute Walks - 2 Dogs - $330
  • Available Weekdays - 10am - 4pm

Dog Walking Sign-Up Process

Scoot On Over To Get Started

Philadelphia Pet Care Company builds partnerships with each client to support their dog as life changes and their needs evolve. Starting from a puppy’s potty training schedule all the way to specialized care for a senior dog. We provide personalized care with the modern convenience you need to make life easier.

Before walks begin, we conduct a FREE, in-home orientation visit. This allows us to get acquainted with your dog, take a short walk to understand their handling, and discuss any questions or concerns.


Complete the client sign-up form to select your service and details.

Create Account

You will receive an email invitation to our client portal to create your account.


An in-home review of your residence, dog’s routine, and handling needs.

Your Partners in Pet Parenthood

Your Dog's Safety Is Our Priority

Dog Walking Safety

A safe walk for your pup and their walker is our top priority. We understand that each dog has different handling behavior. And our staff is trained to handle a variety of behaviors, harnesses, and collars. Please read the guidelines below to ensure we can safely handle your dog on a walk.

Safety Guidelines and Policies
  • Your dog must wear a properly fitted collar or harness, with I.D. tags
  • Dogs must walk without excessive pulling or lunging
  • A 4-6 foot leash is required. We do not use retractable leashes.
  • Dogs must be up to date on all required shots
  • We cannot handle dogs with a history of aggression

The PPCC Advantage

Personalized care + modern convenience

We equip a stellar team of dog walkers and pet sitters with modern technology to provide that peace of mind and reliability you deserve.

Every dog, cat, and critter has unique needs. Thanks to our client app, our team can access current pet information and direct messaging for responsive client communication.

Your best friend is still covered even when your walker or sitter gets sick.  Our team works to ensure your pet receives the attention they deserve because professional pet care is all about teamwork.

Bonded & Insured

PPCC is bonded and insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. Travelers Workmen’s compensation further protects every employee.

Background Checks

Every PPCC caregiver undergoes a thorough interview, background screening, reference check, and trial period.

Client App

Our clients enjoy the convenience of our app. Send a message, schedule a service, or update information quickly.

Direct Messaging

You can quickly send your caregiver and management a message or answer questions as they come up.

Photo Updates

You will receive a photo (or two) of your furry friend and a detailed service report for complete peace of mind.

Customized Care

We are happy to customize our services to accommodate behavior and health needs to meet the specific needs or your pet.