Dog Sitting

All The Comforts Of Home

Meals & Treats

Our dog sitting services include all daily feedings and lots of treats. We will make sure all special dietary needs are met.


Our dog sitters are trained to provide oral and transdermal medication while you’re away safely.

Daily Updates

Daily updates and photos of your dog’s adventures. Easily update us if there are travel delays or changes. 

Emergency Care

If an emergency arises, your dog will receive immediate care at your preferred veterinary office or hospital.

Walks With Frequency + Flexibility

Dog Sitting

Dog sitting lets your best friend enjoy all the comforts of home the next time you’re away. This service is primarily reserved for our weekly and monthly dog walking clients. We believe a relationship is key to safe and caring dog sitting.

We provide dog sitting to non-weekly and monthly clients if available. To establish a relationship with your dog, we require at least one preliminary walk to learn about your dog’s behavior and personality. We want to ensure your dog is comfortable with our caregivers, so you can schedule dog sitting confidently. That way, you can enjoy your time away with peace of mind. 

Dog Sitting Requirements:
  • Handle Safely On Leash
  • Comfortable With All Genders
  • Friendly With Strangers Entering Their Home
  • No Serious Health Problems
Book Dog Sitting


Per Day
  • Sleepover in Your Home – 8pm to 8am 
  • Afternoon Walk Between 3:00 – 5:00pm
  • Additional dog +$30
  • Additional Cat or Small Animal + $20
3 Walks Per Day


Per Day
  • Morning Walk Between 8:00 – 9:30am 
  • Afternoon Walk  Between 3:00 – 5:00pm
  • Evening Walk Between 8:00 – 9:00pm
  • Additional dog + $20  / Additional Cat +$20

Service Area

Center City Neighborhoods

The map below represents our current service area. Most of our clients reside in Center City, between Spring Garden and Washington Avenue. West Philadelphia pet parents can schedule in-home sleepovers. Due to safety concerns, three walks a day are not available.

We schedule dog sitting services based on availability and proximity to other clients. This method ensures our caregivers can bike to your pet on time.

Sign-Up Process

Scoot On Over To Get Started

Philadelphia Pet Care Company builds partnerships with each client to support their dog as life changes and their needs evolve. Starting from a puppy’s potty training schedule all the way to specialized care for a senior dog. We provide personalized care with the modern convenience you need to make life easier.

Before walks begin, we conduct a FREE, in-home orientation visit. This allows us to get acquainted with your dog, take a short walk to understand their handling, and discuss any questions or concerns.


Complete the client sign-up form to select your service and details.

Create Account

You will receive an email invitation to our client portal to create your account.


An in-home review of your residence, dog’s routine, and handling needs.

We Are Your Partners in Pet Parenthood


The PPCC Advantage

Personalized care + modern convenience

We equip a stellar team of dog walkers and pet sitters with modern technology to provide that peace of mind and reliability you deserve. 

Thanks to our client app, our team can access current pet and household information to ensure your pet has what they need at every service. If a question pops up, the messenger gives you and our team a clear, fast channel to find answers. 

Your best friend is covered even when your assigned walker or sitter gets sick. Our team works together to guarantee your pet receives the attention they deserve. No last minute service cancellations that leave you and your dog stuck. 

Bonded & Insured

PPCC is bonded and insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. Travelers Workmen’s compensation further protects every employee.

Background Checks

Every PPCC caregiver undergoes a thorough interview, background screening, reference check, and trial period.

Client App

Our clients enjoy the convenience of our app. Send a message, schedule a service, or update information quickly.

Direct Messaging

You can quickly send your caregiver and management a message or answer questions as they come up.

Photo Updates

You will receive a photo (or two) of your furry friend at each visit and a detailed pet report for peace of mind.

Customized Care

We are happy to customize our services to accommodate behavior and health needs.